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Posted on April 10, 2013

It’s a cloudy Wednesday, April 10, 2013 in Bellingham, WA. Hopefully the sun will come out as it did yesterday and brighten what remains of our day.

Spring is here and with it comes change. For many, that change may mean a move meant to downsize and simplify life. This is particularly true for those of us in, as the expression goes, the “golden years.” We find ourselves more realistic in our approach to the years that remain. For example, as we age our knees or body may be rebelling against those stairs we climb many times daily in our split level homes; or our half-acre lawn may be crying for care we no longer have the energy to give it…so, as a senior citizen, we may be contemplating putting our home up for sale!

Oh, but selling our home brings its own set of problems. We are now senior citizens with many years of home ownership and the accumulation of clutter that goes with it. Storage areas and closets are filled to capacity. Our dens and desks show an amazing array of, well, shall we say “junk” that includes those gifts given to us with sentimental value.  And, who even wants to think of the garage and what it might contain! So, to sum it all up, we have work to do and may need to call upon our family or friends for help in bringing our home to an eye-appealing level.

We are providing a modified checklist (compliments  of NAR)  that may help you to accomplish a beautifully-staged home for a quick sale:

___ Make sure appliances are spotless inside and out. Clean all coils and change filters.
___ Clean floor under all appliances
___ Remove and pack away all unnecessary appliances, pots, pans and dishes.
­___ Eliminate “junk” drawers
___ Clean cabinets inside and out  ­­­___ make sure cabinet surfaces are completely clear
___ Discard old food items
___ Organize all items tastefully
___ Keep the floor clean and clear
___ Keep all surfaces clear (place books, keys, glasses, etc. in covered basket under bed)
___ Night stands should be cleared out
___ Keep fresh linens on bed
___ Sweep, mop or vacuum the floor, including under the bed
___ Scrub baseboards and woodwork
CLOSETS (Try to create an appearance of roominess)
___ Remove unnecessary/out-of-season clothing, group clothes by color
___ Closets should be no more than half full
___ Leave nothing on the floor
___ Shelves should be sparsely filled and organized
STORAGE AREAS (You want to create the appearance of  having more-than-adequate storage)
___ Keep only what you use daily
___ Donate, sell or pack away the rest
___ Keep the floor clear and remaining items organized

___ Be it workshop, sewing room or home office, be sure contents are neat/uncluttere
___ If some space will not be needed while selling home, pack it up and stage for flexible use
___ Clean windows inside and out-house shows better and it lets in more light 
WALLS & CEILINGS (throughout home)
___ Remove all cobwebs ___ Clean light fixtures ___ Wash walls & wipe down doors
___ Clean ventilation grates, baseboards and any woodwork or trim
___ Remove/safely discard unnecessary chemicals and expired medications.
___ Relocate prescription drugs to a safe or locked box during showings

 *Information gleaned from March/April 2013 National Association of Realtors® Magazine SRES



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