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CEC helps you save money on energy costs!

Posted on July 31, 2013

Bellingham, WA has enjoyed a long stretch of beautiful weather this summer and this Wednesday, July 31, 2013 is again a bright, sunny day with many enjoying our local parks and beaches!

The CEC can help you save energy and money!

There is an exciting opportunity to reduce energy use, save money, improve comfort, increase home value, and protect our environment. Itís called the Community Energy Challenge (CEC), and it is providing homes and small businesses with technical expertise and financial assistance to cut back energy use and start saving.

It starts with a home energy assessment, during which a certified building analyst evaluates the current condition of the home, determining insulation levels, air leakage, heating and cooling system function, as well as any other potential energy losses. Following the assessment, a Home Energy Advisor meets personally with each participant to explain the results and provide recommendations for improvement. The CEC can also connect homeowners with financial incentives to decrease the cost of making home improvements, qualified contractors to make the recommended repairs, and provides 100% quality assurance on all work done through the program.

 Though a home energy assessment typically costs $600, through the CEC itís only $195, and if you complete any energy efficiency projects through the program, $95 will be rebated back to you. On average, homeowners who have made upgrades with the CEC are saving $487 per year on their energy bills and the financial incentives are decreasing the cost of their projects by 32%.

 A similar suite of services is available to local businesses. Our Fairhaven Realty office recently had an energy assessment, and we are moving forward with replacing all of our incandescent lights with energy efficient LEDs and CFLs with the help of the Community Energy Challenge.

 Energy efficiency has never been easier!


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Number of participating homes


Average reduction in energy use after work is completed


Average annual energy cost savings per household after completed CEC work


Average reduction in project costs due to CEC and utilities incentives


Reduction in pollution due to decrease in energy use by participants

Equal to taking 963 cars off the road


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