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New Home Owner -What's Next?

Posted on March 12, 2014

It’s a beautiful Wednesday, March 12, 2014 in Bellingham,WA.  People are enjoying the sunshine in our Fairhaven neighborhood by walking the trails, enjoying Boulevard Park and its tremendous bay view, and walking their dogs (…dog park at McKenzie Ave & 4th -  http://www.bringfido.com/attraction/3280/ )


New Home Owner-What’s Next?


Well, are you now the proud owner of your own home? If so, you’ve stepped through all the hoops-preapproval, kept your credit scores clean by NOT doing any impulse buying or making any major purchases, or heaven forbid. making any late payments or co-signed another’s loan;  and,  above all, you didn’t lose or change your job status (lenders like to see a good, stable income environment). So, WHAT’S NEXT?  “You mean to say there is more?” Yes, whether this is your first home or a repeat home, there are still steps to take.


At closing, you received settlement papers. These are extremely important – so be sure keep them! For one thing, they can help establish tax deductions for the year in which you purchased your home; and, down the road, they are needed for tax purposes when the property is sold or for calculating estate taxes.


When your sale closed, all utilities should have been paid by the previous owner. You will  want  these services transferred to your  name for billing and usually   this can be done  without turning off utilities.  In  advance of your closing, a REALTOR® should have given  you contact  numbers  and  addresses  for  utilities  (…water, sewage, gas, electricity or oil) to help make this transition as smooth as possible.


Obviously, your next step is to move in; but for  the  most part, it is probably not as you would want it in the way of CLEAN, as in, SPOTLESS. You’ll  no doubt want to paint, shampoo carpets, and do your own form of spring cleaning.


Also, as a home owner, this may be your single most important  asset. Protect  it  with insurance ( fire,  theft,  liability )  and  follow  any  recommendations   made  by  your insurance  professional/agent  (possibly  taking photos  or videos  of  possessions  and securing them).


In approximately two weeks, check online or contact your local property records office to confirm that your deed has been officially recorded. *


Enjoy your home! Give it your personality - plant your gardens, flowers and  trees to suit your tastes and likes.  Get to know your neighbors.  Do whatever it takes to make this house your home!


* www.realtors.com  has provided the basis for this blog and has much more useful and helpful information.


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